Our Story


Back when the west was wild...

...the government used herds of pack mules to move supplies across the desert. To escape the sweltering heat, they traveled in the dark of night. Leading each herd was a sure-footed, sensible mare who wore a bell around her neck at all times so even if the mules could not see her, they knew to follow the sound of her bell.

When you are carrying a rope can over your shoulder, have a trash bag full of muddy rodeo clothes in one hand, are holding an anxious barrel horse in the other and have tired (but happy) kids walking into the house empty-handed on Sunday night, you might feel more like the mule than the mare. But trust us, the rodeo mom is the bell mare of today’s world. You are leading your herd with grace and they are learning through your example.

We hope our books inspire children and parents alike to be their own kind of bell mare. And from two fellow rodeo moms, thank you for all you do. Keep on truckin’ and raising those babies to grow up to be cowboys and cowgirls.

Lindsay Keller & Marilyn Domer